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The Israel Kabbalah Experience

1st day – landing and check in to hotel in J-M

Kbbalistic prayer at the Western Wall
Workshop : building the spiritual Temple

2nd day
Visiting the Kabbalists ofJerusalem
Lecture – the history of Kabbalah
Kabbalah prayer at King David’s Tomb
Workshop – the Kabbalistic secrets of the Book of Psalms 

3rd day
Kabbalistic meditation in the Dead Sea
Workshop : the hidden scrolls and prophecies in Kabbalah
In depth study of original texts of ancient Kabbalah- Sefer Yetzira, Sefer Habahir

4th day

Arriving in Tzfat – the Capital of Kabbalah 
Walking tour of the ancient Tzfat cemetery 
Class: introduction to Tzfat Kabbalah
Special Kabbalah workshop: Kabbalistic musical Meditation – Meditating with The spiritual Kabbalistic melodies composed by the greatest Kabbalists

5th  day

A walking tour of ancient Tzfat – the birth place of Kabbalah –
Walk in the ancient alleys, visit the ancient synagogues and the places where the Kabbalists lived and worked.
A Kabbalah art show – understanding Kabbalah through art.
An inspiring presentation: ‘The Secret’ – the mystical power of the Hebrew letters
Study of the Ari Kabbalah

 6th day
A tour of the Galilean nature –  visiting Kabbalistic and mystical sites
Among the sites: holy gravesites of Kabbalists, Amukah (Kabbalah & love) and caves of Kabbalists. We’ll do special study of Kabbalah in those sites.
Galilean Medicinal Herbs workshop and Mimonides spiritual Remedies

7th day
Kabbalah prayer –Lurianic practices 
Zohar Tour : Peki’in , Meron, Idra cave – Study of Zohar ancient Kabbalah texts 
Study of 16th Century Kabbalah texts

8th day
Tour of Tiberias- holy gravesites of Rabbi Akiva and Mimonides – the Kabbalah of R.Akiva and Mimonides. 
understanding Kabbalah symbols
A visit to the ‘World of Kabbalah’ exhibit



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