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Abraham’s Path of Palestine

Abraham’s Path Best of Palestine (15 days)
This tour is in the Nablus, Jericho, Bethlehem and Hebron regions of the trail.

Arrival Day, Jerusalem: Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

Day 1, Nablus to Awarta: Meet in

Jerusalem for an early morning transfer to Nablus. Spend the morning exploring the city with its historic Old City, famous olive oil soap factories and Turkish baths. Walk to Tel Balata, site of the Bronze Age city of Shechem, where Abraham built an altar and made a sacrifice. Explore Jacob’s Well, housed in a unique Greek Orthodox church. In the afternoon, the real walking begins with a jaunt through the open countryside to Awarta village. Dinner and overnight with host families. (10.2km, easy)

Day 2, Awarta to Duma: Depart Awarta by way of Mount Arma and the villages of Aqrab, Majdal and Bani Fadil. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Jordan Valley and enjoy the challenge of the hilly terrain. The evening may bring a bonfire with local families who might treat you to a taste of their traditional dances. Dinner and overnight with host families. (18.6km, moderate-difficult)

Day 3, Duma to Kufr Malek: The path from Duma passes the village of Mughayyir and the natural springs and archaeological site of Ain Samia. Dinner and overnight with host families. (14.9km, moderate-difficult)

Day 4, Kufr Malek to Taybeh: The path from Kurf Malek follows the edge of a high plateau with lovely views. The day ends in Taybeh, a Palestinian Christian village and home to the only beer brewery in Palestine, named “Taybeh” for the town. Visit the historical St George’s church and tour the Taybeh brewery, then relax with a refreshing beer (golden, amber, dark and non-alcoholic are usually on offer)! Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 5, Ein Samia to Auja: This routes traverses the desert east of Jerusalem and winds through Wadi Auja into the Jordan River Valley. The amazing scenery makes this one of the best day sections of the Abraham Path. Reward your hard work with a soak in the cool waters of the Auja spring. Overnight in Bedouin tent.

Day 6, Auja to Jericho: This shorter day leaves time to explore Jericho, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Sites range from a Neolithic tower that is 11,000 years old to the fascinating mosaics of Hisham’s Palace. Optional evening activity: a swim in the Dead Sea. Overnight at Jericho hotel. (12.0km, easy)

Day 7, Jericho to Nebi Musa: This route passes through Wadi Qelt, a marvelous desert canyon associated with the Psalm’s “valley of the shadow of death. “ The trail passes St. George’s monastery, home to ascetic monks for 1500 years. The walk ends at Nebi Musa, a site of Muslim pilgrimage that remembers the legacy of Moses. A bus will transfer walkers to Beit Sahour (near Bethlehem) for dinner and overnight with host families.

Day 8, Nebi Musa to Mar Saba: Walkers will return to Nebi Musa by bus to continue walking through the desert landscape toward the Dead Sea. The trail passes over the Kidron Valley and arrives to the ancient monastery of Mar Saba, founded by Saint Saba, a Cappadocian monk, and still inhabited by 20 Greek Orthodox monks. Dinner and overnight in Bedouin tent. (19.5km, moderate-difficult)

Day 9, Mar Saba to Bethlehem: Today’s walk climbs from the desert landscape and returns to greener vistas, passing St. Theodosius monastery. A bus transfer brings walkers to Bethlehem, a historic city best known as the birthplace of Jesus. Dinner and overnight in Beit Sahour guesthouse. (15.3km, moderate)

Day 10, Bethlehem to Artas: Visit the sites of Bethlehem, including the Church of the Nativity and the historic market. Most of this day is spent sightseeing, with an optional short walk to Soloman’s pools and the village of Artas, home of the Hortus Conclusus convent and thought to be the “closed garden” from Song of Solomon. Dinner and overnight at Beit Sahour guesthouse. (optional 1-hour easy walk)

Day 11, Artas to Tequa: This day begins from Solomon’s pools to the quaint village of Artas where a lush garden and beautiful convent recall the biblical Song of Songs. From Artas, the path leads to Tequa, the traditional birthplace of the prophet Amos, where the ruins of a Byzantine church rest today. Tequa’s Womens’ Society can teach visitors about traditional embroidery and rug making. Dinner and overnight with local families.

Day 12, Tequa to Reshayda: The path from Tequa dips into the Jihar Valley, a deep canyon leading toward the Dead Sea. Prehistoric flints and arrow heads indicate a human presence in this valley dating back almost 300,000 years. The valley leads to Reshaydah with its fantastic views of the Dead Sea area and welcoming Bedouin tents. Dinner and overnight in a Bedouin tent.

Day 13, Rashayda to Beni Naim: The sunrise over the desert is not to be missed! The path today leads by Byzantine monastery ruins. Be prepared for a steady uphill walk and not much shade as you enter the stark wilderness that so inspired the ascetic monks of the past. Shade returns in the lush farms around Beni Naim. Dinner and overnight with host families.

Day 14, Beni Naim to Hebron: The day begins at the sacred sites of Beni Naim, said to house the tomb of Lot and another mosque which marks, according to tradition, the place where Abraham watched the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra. The end of your journey comes in Hebron, home to the tomb of Abraham at the Ibrihimi Mosque. Visit the historic Old City and traditional glass blowing factory before transport back to Jerusalem or Bethlehem.

Day 15, Jerusalem: A day touring the fascinating and diverse city of Jerusalem, with sites including the Holy Sepulcher Church, the Western Wall, the Mount of Olives, and the Dome of the Rock. Walk the narrow streets of the Old City markets.

Proposed Dates for 2013-2014

October 21 to November 2, 2013
November 11 to November 23, 2013
March 10 to March 22, 2014
April 7 to April 19, 2014
Price per person in a double room: $1490

Rate based on 10 Participants, and subject to change if fewer participants

Price includes:

All Accommodation in hotels, local family stays and with Bedouins
All Food: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner each day
Luggage Transfer
Local English speaking escorts
Entrance Fees
Price does not include:

Personal expenses
Any other services not indicated above

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