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Sample Itineraries

Day 1 Arriving in Tel Aviv – O/N Tel AvivOptional: introduction walk (or a bicycle ride) to old Jaffa with a nice fish dinner at the old Jaffa harbour
Day 2 Northern Negev tour – O/N Tel AvivTour of the Northern Negev Desert, today the vast open desert landscape will host us: We’ll talkoursamplegallery-foodbrekkies about & maybe have a view point of the Gaza strip.We’ll witness the amazing desert agriculture development of the Northern Negev region. We’ll visit the Bedouin territories, & learn about this beautiful nomadic culture in a state of rapid transition to urban life & the hardship they are facing in their struggle to find their way in the fast changing modern Israeli society.We will drive through the amazing craters to view these unique geologic formations and finish the day with a special dinner in a cave, in what was once a cave dwelling village, enjoying a very tasty dinner & listening to the special story of our hosting family before our return to Tel Aviv.
Day 3 From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – O/N JerusalemWe can follow the ancient pilgrim route from Jaffa to Jerusalem, visiting the “Cibils” oursamplegallery-foodfelafel(water places) along the way, telling the stories of the past & of the interesting situation of mixed population today (Jews, Muslims & Christians).We’ll visit Ramleh – a mixed population city, we can stop for a nice coffee in one of the special restaurants of the city.We’ll continue to Beit Jemal – an interesting monastery on the ancient Via Maris route for a beautiful overview of the plains of the coast & taste the local wine, then travel through the town of Beit Shemesh with its unique religious population where we’ll stop for a tasty falafel before traveling through the Judean mountains by a scenic route that will bring us into Jerusalem through the picturesque village of Ein Karem, the traditional home town of John the Baptist. We can have dinner there in one of the special restaurants or back in Jerusalem.In the evening we’ll have a tour into the Old city.
Day 4 oursamplegallery-foodfelafel2Jerusalem Old City– O/N JerusalemA walking tour of the Old city starting from Mount of Olives panoramic view & the churches of Gethsemane, then walking the Via Dolorosa into the busy shuk or market of the old city where we’ll smell & taste as much as we can- with a stop for lunch in a local small restaurant in the market.We’ll visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher & the different quarters of the city each with its’ own special cuisine.In the afternoon I’d recommend a visit to Bethlehem with an option of a dinner with a Palestinian Christian family. The visit to Bethlehem is with a local Palestinian Christian guide – a colleague & a friend.Another option is to have dinner at a very special Armenian restaurant in the Old City.
Day 5 Nazareth-aerial-from-northeast,-tbs121290011-bibleplacesJordan Valley & Nazareth– O/N NazarethMorning visit to the Dead Sea, possible with a visit to Masada.We’ll continue along the Jordan valley to Nazareth where we’ll spend the night.Today in Nazareth there are a few old mansions that were turned into very beautiful hostels.We’ll have dinner in one of the very good restaurants that are now part of an amazing new local culture in Nazareth.
Day 6 oursamplegallery-foodspicesSea of Galilee – Golan – Tel AvivIn the morning we’ll visit Capernaum and other Christian sites in the northern part of the Sea of Galilee.After that we can have a visit at a family boutique winery in the Golan Heights with a a very special couple – tasting their good wine & dairy products & listening to their family story.We’ll continue our tour of this beautiful agriculture region and learn of the special role it plays in Israelis awareness & visit a moving battle field site from the 1973 Yom Kippur War.For dinner we have an option to visit a special Druze woman who will introduce us to the very tasty Druze cooking & through her own personal life story we can understand the beauty of Druze culture.Now – a bit tired! – we can drive back to Tel Aviv.

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