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Hiking the Israel National Trail (INT)

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The INT is a hiking trail that combines  previously marked trails and is marked along its entire length – some 1000 km, from Beit Usishkin near Kibbutz Dan, in the north, descending to Eilat in the south

INT can be hiked continuously in both directions – from north to south and vice versa. Hikers can walk its entire length in “one shot” (thru – hiking), or they may

choose to do it a few sections at a time. Some will walk only sections of special

interest. Non – stop INT hiking may take 35 – 50 days, according to the hiker’s

stamina and experience. The best months for this feat are February – April and

October – November.

We recommend that in the first days you’ll hike no more than 20 – 25 km. a day. You may increase the daily distance later on, according to your ability and the difficulty of the terrain.

Groups who will hike at least 5 INT sections can purchase certificates and pins

from our Secretariat.

We are doing our best to repaint the marks periodically and to repair the markings where damage had been done along the trail.

However, constant development work, human activity in agricultural and recreational areas, natural causes such as vegetation growths, floods etc, in addition to vandalism, may prevent hikers from seeing some of the marks.

Please write down the precise location of places requiring maintenance, and we’ll

do our best to send staff members to repair the damage.

Write or call us:

Israel Trails Committee

The Israeli Society for the Protection of Nature

2 HaNegev st. Tel Aviv 66186

Phone: 972-3-638 87 19 /20

Fax: 972-3-537 45 43


Israel National Trail Data Project: Southern Negev

The Israel National Trail (INT) is a footpath that winds its way nearly 1000 kilometers across Israel, from the Lebanese border in the north to the Red Sea in the south. Because of the way it traverses Israel’s unique physical, ethnic, and religious landscape, the INT is gaining a reputation as one of the world’s great long-distance treks.

The INT Data Project is continuing to update the English-language resources found on this website. Please make sure to contribute to our INT Forum if you are interested in the trail or have experience on the INT.

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